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Compliance campaigns

Manage compliance campaigns for lists of requirements within the scope of your choice.

Give yourself the means to ensure your organization’s compliance with the PSSI (Politique de sécurité du système d’information)!

Why run compliance campaigns?

The campaign module enables you to assess the compliance with a series of requirements (PSSI, regulations, standards, etc.) of different entities within your organization (subsidiaries, departments, etc.) and to more easily pilot action plans for each of them.

Use cases

Measure the level of compliance with a list of perimeter requirements at a given time

Carry out an annual assessment of your organization’s compliance with a specific section of the ISSP

Track the evolution of compliance over time to a repository of different perimeters within the organization

Build the key parameters of your compliance campaign

Choose a list of requirements from all your repositories: PSSI, standards, regulations, etc. This will form the basis on which you will conduct your conformity assessment.

Choose a scope for your campaign and the players whose compliance with the list of requirements you wish to assess: applications, business areas, subsidiaries, etc.

Designate key contacts who will receive the campaign and its elements.

Choose additional questions to ask around each requirement.

Launch your compliance campaign and collect responses

Launch your campaign and track progress over time for each perimeter component.

You can choose to run a campaign in several stages. For example, the first stage could involve gathering information and committing to actions, followed by an assessment of the actions carried out.

Gather all the necessary information: level of compliance, justifications, evidence, etc.

Manage your compliance campaign and analyze the results

Make follow-ups, identify the players who find it hardest to respond to the evaluation.

See at a glance the information you're missing: proof, answers to certain questions, etc.

Analyze the results.

Which players have the lowest level of compliance? Which requirements seem to be the least complied with? What changes have occurred since the last campaign?

Support assessment players to increase their level of compliance

Use the data from your analyses to identify difficulties and their sources. And propose action plans to stakeholders and monitor their implementation.

Empower your evaluation stakeholders

Invite recipients to collaborate on your compliance campaign evaluations and let them take the lead. You no longer have to intervene to explain every detail and follow up. Everyone saves time!

Integrate your existing systems

We can integrate for you the key elements for conducting your campaigns: lists of requirements (PSSI or other), objects of your evaluation perimeters, desired indicators, etc.

Set up roles and workflows

  • Fine-tuned rights management by evaluation or even by evaluation section
  • Validation roles
  • Follow-up and reminder notifications

Track your action plans

Get a global view of all your action plans resulting from your compliance campaigns

Allow each manager to monitor and modify their own actions over time

Receive and send reminder and follow-up notifications

Build accurate reports

Generate summaries and reports according to selected criteria

Build customized dashboards to suit your needs

Ensure that your reports and indicators are anchored in your business

Review and trace the history of your assessments

Easily retrieve the results of your previous campaigns. Duplicate a previous campaign if you need to, rather than starting from scratch, and compare the results of your compliance campaigns over time and trends.

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