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RGPD Compliance

Simplify your RGPD compliance and that of your projects

Carry out your RGPD compliance assessments and PIAs (AIPDs) and generate an automatic processing register.

Why equip yourself for RGPD compliance?

Article 30 of the RGPD requires you to keep a register of personal data processing operations, some of which must be subject to an impact assessment (AIPD or PIA). Phinasoft’s RGPD module enables you to automatically generate your register of processing operations using information from your assessments, and to carry out your PIAs.

Use cases

Carry out your RGPD compliance assessments

Perform your Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) / Analyse d’impact relative à la protection des données (AIPD)

Integrate the Privacy by Design approach into your Security by Design approach or make it a dedicated one

Automatically update a treatment register

Carry out your RGPD compliance assessments and your AIPDs

Build your RGPD compliance questionnaires (or choose a standard one)

Identify areas where a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) / Analyse d’impact relative à la protection des données (AIPD) is mandatory

Create your PIA (AIPD) with ease and identify the main risks to your personal data

Implement Privacy by Design

Ensure that privacy risks are taken into account right from the project design phase

Combine your Privacy by Design process with the Security by Design process, or keep them independent.

Monitor the progress of assessments and resulting action plans

Keep a continuously updated treatment register

Automatically generate and populate a processing register from the results of your RGPD compliance assessments and easily export the elements of your register.

Integrate your existing systems

We can integrate your existing contextual elements: methodologies, compliance questionnaires, scales, data typologies, risk bases, measures, etc. We can also integrate your existing Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) / Analyse d’impact relative à la protection des données (AIPD).

Empower your evaluation stakeholders

Invite users to collaborate on your Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) / Analyse d’impact relative à la protection des données (AIPD) and let them take the lead. You no longer have to intervene to explain every detail and follow up. Everyone saves time!

Set up roles and workflows

  • Fine-tuned rights management by evaluation or even by evaluation section
  • Validation roles
  • Follow-up and reminder notifications

Track your action plans

Get a global view of all your action plans resulting from your RGPD assessments

Allow each manager to monitor and modify their own actions over time

Receive and send reminder and follow-up notifications

Build accurate reports

Generate summaries and reports according to selected criteria

Bâtissez vos tableaux de bord personnalisés en fonction de vos besoins

Ensure that your reports and indicators are anchored in your business

Manage your repositories and knowledge base

Benefit from our integrated knowledge bases

Add your own measurement bases, risks, threats, data types, etc.

Evolve your knowledge bases over time according to your needs

Review and trace the history of your assessments

Easily find all Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) / Data Protection Impact Analyses (DPIAs) carried out on the same perimeter.
Start from a previous assessment rather than from scratch when revising a perimeter assessment.
Modify your risk level over time as you implement your action plans.

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